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KeepFit Women Peterborough

Millbrook Winter 2024 StrollerFit

Millbrook Winter 2024 StrollerFit

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Our award-winning StrollerFit program is designed to help you achieve results while feeling great, body and mind!

    Millbrook StrollerFit Program Options (8 weeks in Jan/Feb, 4 weeks for March or 12 weeks for all!)

    When: Monday and Wednesday
    Time: 10am 
    Where: INDOORS at Cavan Monaghan Community Centre (986 Peterborough County Rd 10, Millbrook, ON L0A 1G0)

    8 Weeks Program Dates: Jan 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31, Feb 5, 7, 12, 14, 21, 26, 28, Mar 4

    4 Week Program Dates: Mar 6, 18, 20, 25, 27, Apr 1, 3, 8

    Or add both to cart for the full 12 weeks!

     *please note, locations are subject to change*

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    What KFW StrollerFit Includes

    - 2 Weekly effective, fun and postpartum safe group workouts

    - Nutrition Guidance, meal ideas, and coaching

    - Access to a Pre and Post Program KFW Assessment tool

    - Exclusive Online Support Community

    BONUS: Immediate and lifetime access to the #KFWSquad Member Community

    Learn more about KFW StrollerFIt

    CLICK HERE to learn more about the StrollerFit Program

    What to Bring

    All you need to bring is a stroller, 2 dumbells and whatever your baby might need during the 45 min class (milk, snacks, a blanket etc). The KFW team will bring everything else, from plyo boxes, to battle ropes, to agility ladders, to kettlebells.

    Can I bring more than 1 child?

    All of your young children under 5 years old are welcome to join you for the StrollerFit class. Sometimes siblings even enjoy exercising along! Just keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to tend to them if they need anything.

    *Please note: during situations like the Covid Pandemic, this policy may be subject to changes.

    Once you've registered

    Please add to your email contact list. We will be sending out more information closer to the start date. By adding us to your contact list, our important emails are less likely to end up in your junk mail!

    Can I drop in to other classes, if I miss a session?

    At KFW, we pride ourselves on our expert coaching and quality sessions, every session! We aim to provide our members with one-on-one motivation and feedback during their workouts. 

    Because of this, we have a strict guideline for the maximum number of members in each program, to ensure we are always meeting our quality standards and providing our members with the best experience possible. 

    We train our coaching teams across all divisions to get to know members, their unique goals, and facilitate an intimate group atmosphere during session blocks. 

    Because of these strict quality standards, members are not able to exchange classes outside of their scheduled sessions.