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KeepFit Women Peterborough

KeepFit Women Nutrition Guide

KeepFit Women Nutrition Guide

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Our approach at KFW is education and empowerment!
Our goal is to have our members understand the basics behind fitness and nutrition. We don’t want you to rely on anyone for detailed nutrition guidance, we want you to understand the concepts, and feel really good about your health decisions, day in and day out.

Presenting, the KeepFit Women Nutrition Guide. The KFW Nutrition Guide provides you with simple and clear nutrition education. This is not about yo-yo dieting, restriction, guilt, or complicated plans…. this is a simple and straightforward guide created specifically to educate and empower individuals to better understand nutrition.

This 17 page guide contains:

  • 4 pages jam packed with nutrition lessons made simple
  • a monthly planner template
  • 3 pre workout meals- full recipes
  • 5 Post workout meals- full recipes
  • 3 Snack Ideas – full recipes
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